Yellow or Blue LED Light Therapy

Yellow Vs Blue LED Light Therapy: What’s Best for Your Skin?

Deciding what is the right LED light therapy that suits your skin’s needs could be confusing as there are a variety of light colours to choose from. One of them is the yellow and blue LED lights, both targeting different kinds of skin problems. To give you an idea of what you should choose, this article will list the two LED lights’ effects on your skin.

An Intro to Yellow and Blue LED Light Therapy

The main function of the yellow LED light is to target your skin cells’ light receptors, which causes it to produce enough energy to properly function. This makes yellow LED light to be the go-to light therapy if you want to boost your skin’s ability to heal faster due to the energy being converted to your skin cells. It can also promote hydration and awaken your body’s lymphatic system to fight off toxins in your body. It has a wavelength of 560nm to 590nm.

On the other hand, blue light is known to eliminate bacteria as it enters your pores. While our skin also needs certain types of bacteria to promote healthy growth, blue LED light helps in removing the bacteria that are harmful to our skin. With its wavelength of 405nm to 420nm, blue LED light removes bacteria on our skin by activating certain chemicals in it, which then results in to rupture of its outer walls. This destroys the bacteria’s cells and prevents them from creating skin problems such as acne.

Which one should you choose?

Yellow light therapy aims to rejuvenate your skin’s energy by promoting good blood circulation. It also soothes your skin and lessens your chance to get dark spots, inflammation, and swelling. This therapy can also help people who deal with fine lines as a lasting effect of UV radiation exposure. Also, for people who are suffering from rosacea and other types of skin irritation, yellow light can help in easing the pain as it promotes fast cell regeneration, making newer and healthier skin cells.

As for blue light therapy, people who are at risk for skin cancer use it as a form of prevention, or treat an existing malignant diagnosis. Blue LED light therapy is excellent in eliminating skin lesions that could be cancerous or precancerous, preventing them from spreading further to other parts of your body. Your skin texture can also be enhanced with the help of blue LED light, while also having the ability to treat sun spots and other skin disorders.


It all boils down to defining what type of skin problems you need to deal with. If you are someone struggling with skin irritation and have prominent skin wounds, you should opt for the yellow LED light therapy to promote skin cell growth. In case you are suffering from a cancerous skin condition, or want to improve your skin texture, then blue LED light is the way to go.

If you want to try yellow or blue LED light therapy, you can head to USKINCO’s LED light therapy treatments and explore the services we offer. If you want to learn more about LED light therapy treatments, visit our blog for more tips and information.



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