Reasons Why You Should Try Green Light Therapy for Your Skin

You might have heard of light therapy—with red light therapy being the most common one. But did you know about green light therapy and the benefits it can offer to your skin? If you want a light therapy that can make your skin complexion look more balanced and healthier, then green light therapy is what you might need. Read on to see its benefits and how it works!

What is green light therapy and how does it work?

Green light therapy targets your body’s cells and tissues by using unique wavelengths of green light. Its goal is to encourage more collagen production, lessen inflammation, and boost your skin’s energy levels. Having all of these taken care of green light therapy can make solve many of your skin concerns and issues.

What makes green light therapy unique from others is that in order to promote collagen production, it works directly with your body’s cells and tissues. This process can also help in minimising inflammation on the skin—which can be great for those who are suffering from chronic skin conditions that involve acute skin pain, sensitiveness, and irritation. It can also make wound healing faster for those who have damaged skin due to pre-existing skin conditions by boosting cell regrowth.

As for your skin’s appearance, it also targets dilated capillaries in your under-eye dark circles. Green light is also your best bet if you want to fix your skin’s pigmentation, as it could treat hyperpigmentation or sunspots caused by long exposure to sun rays. Green light solves this by targeting melanocytes, or what produces our skin melanin, breaking down excess melanin to prevent it from appearing on your skin’s surface. This breaks up the melanin clusters, lessening your skin’s hyperpigmentation or discolouration.

What are the benefits of green light therapy?

1. It can balance your complexion and lessen hyperpigmentation

Green light therapy has the ability to target your skin’s producers of melatonin, which are the melanocytes. It breaks the clusters of excess melanin apart before it reaches your skin surface, preventing any sights of hyperpigmentation on your skin. While it is important to remember that melanin is a vital part of your skin, excess melatonin is what the green light targets as it is the cause of skin hyperpigmentation.

2. It can reduce your skin’s inflammation

If you are someone struggling with skin conditions that involve excessive redness or inflammation, then green light therapy could be for you. It helps by encouraging your skin cells to regrow, which repairs the damage brought upon by redness or inflammation. In return, this can make your skin look healthier, plus it can also lessen the pain you are feeling from chronic skin conditions.

3. It can give your fresher-looking skin

With all the healing and rejuvenating properties of green light therapy, it can guarantee to make your skin look fresh and well-rested. Signs of clearer skin complexion such as even skin tone can make your skin look youthful.


If you are looking for healing and balance in your skin’s complexion, then green light therapy is for you. Experience the benefits of green light therapy with USKINCO’s LED light therapy treatments. If you want to learn more about LED light therapy treatments, visit our blog for more tips and information.



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