How to tell if LED light therapy is working

How To Tell If Your LED Light Therapy Treatments Are Working

LED light therapy treatments have extensive benefits for your skin including reducing wrinkles and giving you a firmer, more elastic, and brighter complexion. If you have just started your LED light therapy treatments or if you are planning to get one, you might be excited about seeing results.

To ensure that you are getting your expected results, here are a few steps to tell if your treatments are indeed working.

When to see results from LED Light Therapy Treatments

If you are using blue light therapy for acne, you may start seeing positive changes after a day or two of therapy. However, full results may start showing after two weeks. If you are using red light therapy for wrinkle reduction, it can take longer to see drastic changes. You may start seeing full results after ten weeks.

How to know if your light therapy is working

To know if your treatments are working, you must first ensure that you are doing your light therapy right. You need to keep the consistency and frequency of your treatment. Without this, it can be hard to tell the accuracy of your results.

You must complete your full session of light therapy, and go back once a week for 10 weeks, or as recommended by your dermatologist.

How to see results

Light therapy treats your skin concerns from a cellular level, which means its process takes time. Skin changes from light therapy are usually gradual and cumulative, so you can skip the daily urge to check yourself in the mirror.

Instead, you can take before, during, and after photos every week. Through this, you can better see the accumulated improvements from your consistent treatments. To see results clearly, make sure to take photos using the following tips:

  • Take photos with a clean face

If you are wearing makeup, this can hide imperfections in your skin and may blur the results of your treatments. The best way to evaluate your results is to cleanse your face and check for improvements while bare-faced.

  • Use the same camera

Your photo quality may differ from the type of camera that you are using because different cameras have varying resolutions and settings. To see accurate results, always use the same camera.

  • Keep the same pose and expression

When taking before and after photos, you can easily see changes if you strike the same pose and expression every time. For example, it can be hard to compare the changes in your smile lines if you are only smiling in one photo.

  • Use the same light

Light significantly impacts the quality of your photo. When capturing results, make sure that the light intensity in all your shots is the same. If you choose a vanity mirror light, or natural light, keep it through all your photos.

  • At the same time of the day

Your skin goes through a lot every day, and its appearance may also change due to external factors. Make sure to take pictures at the same time of the day to ensure that other factors in your life don’t affect the accuracy of your comparisons.


If you want to learn more about LED light therapy treatments, visit our blog for more tips and information. If you have any questions, check our FAQs, or contact us.



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