How Red Light Therapy Provides Relief from Eczema

October is Eczema Awareness Month and as a part of shedding light on this skin condition, we’ll tackle how Red Light Therapy can help relieve its symptoms.

Eczema can affect not only your skin but also your mental health and quality of life. Many people with eczema say they feel hopeless and desperate because traditional topical treatments and medicines don’t always work.

In this article, we’ll talk about eczema, and how red light therapy is becoming an exciting new way to alleviate its symptoms.

What Is Eczema?

Eczema is characterised by dry, itchy, rough, flaky, inflamed patches of skin. It’s a chronic condition, which means that it cannot be cured.

However, there are treatments that can be very effective in reducing its symptoms. Here are some of its symptoms:

  • intense itching
  • red or brown patches of rough skin
  • fluid-filled pustules that ooze when scratched (which can cause bacterial infection)
  • thick, scaly patches of skin
  • hives

How does red light therapy work for eczema?

Red light therapy fights eczema by using your body’s natural healing abilities.

Red light wavelengths reach cells’ mitochondria to boost energy. Increased cellular energy enhances your immune response, which helps fight eczema.

As a result, red light decreases inflammation, increases oxygen flow to your cells, eliminates bacteria, hydrates skin, and boosts circulation. All of these help your body relieve pain, burning, and itching more effectively.

Red light therapy is safe

Ultraviolet A and B (UVA and UVB) phototherapy have been studied as eczema treatments, however, UV rays can burn your skin. UVA and UVB rays can also cause skin cancer.

Unlike UVA and UVB phototherapy, red light therapy has no UV radiation and can’t hurt your skin. It’s painless, safe for all ages and skin types, and 100% natural.

What are the best red light wavelengths for treating Eczema?

Red light wavelengths between 610 and 700 nanometers (nm) are recommended for treating eczema. This is the range of short red light-emitting diode (LED) light. Psoriasis and Eczema are two skin conditions that have been shown to be helped by 630nm.

In more severe cases, near-infrared (NIR) wavelengths of 830 to 855 nm can be used. Most of the time, the best way to succeed is to use both red LED and NIR light.

Other ways to relieve Eczema symptoms

If you or anyone you know is suffering from Eczema, aside from red light therapy, here are some simple ways recommended by American Academy of Dermatology to help relieve its symptoms:

  1. Apply a cool compress to itchy skin.
  2. Add colloidal oatmeal to your bath.
  3. Soak in a bath and smear on ointment.


If you or anyone you know is suffering from Eczema and if you’re looking to get into red light therapy to help relieve your symptoms, our red light therapy at USKINCO is here to help you. Book an appointment now or learn more about LED light therapy treatments, and visit our blog for more tips and information.



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