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3 Easy Tips to Get the Best Results From Your Light Therapy Treatments

Getting a light therapy device can be your skin’s best friend if you know how to maximise its capabilities. From partnering it with your different skincare treatments to understanding how to take care of your light device properly, find out how you could get the best results from your light therapy treatments using these 3 easy tips.

Can you damage your skin by using your light therapy device “too much”?

Apparently, light therapy devices are more effective if used frequently—meaning you can use them daily or even multiple times in a day to produce much better results. You can follow your device’s recommended time for specific skin treatment, but you can usually achieve the best results if you use it three times per day. Still, it is important to remember to always, always test your device onto your skin and look out for any adverse reactions—we aim for beautiful skin, not a ruined one! If 2 hours had passed and you do not see any weird reaction from your skin, then you’re good to go.

When it comes to using it, while it may look intimidating, these devices are super easy to use. For starters, acne and wrinkle therapy devices typically recommend 3 minutes of exposure to the affected area. If you have any doubts, you can always stick to what your device’s instruction says or reach out to customer care support.

How to effectively use your light therapy device

1. Use it multiple times a day

Light therapy works best when it is used frequently, so go ahead and make it a habit always to pick it up whenever you have spare time. Luckily, a typical light therapy session at home only lasts for 3 minutes, so it doesn’t take up much of your day.

2. Be consistent

Light therapy devices often rely on the time of usage for their effectiveness. So if you are the type of person who is kind of forgetful, then setting alarms could help to achieve better results with your device. Light therapy devices are very effective but you need to be consistent and patient with the results. For instance, treating acne could take two weeks with you using your device at least once every day, and 10 weeks if you want those wrinkles to go away.

3. Use it together with serums and extracts

If you want fast but long-lasting results, you better join forces with your other skincare products to help your device easily target your skin concerns. Some great products to partner your device with are our anti-aging serums, salicylic acid, BHAs, or retinol.


Understanding how light therapy devices work could help you boost their ability to produce stellar skin treatment results. You can browse USKINCO’s LED light therapy treatments and choose the best treatment for your skin’s needs. If you want to learn more about LED light therapy treatments, visit our blog for more tips and information.



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